Commercial Real Estate Startup

Create a Startup, Value & Sell to the Big Boys - Brad Savage & Redefining the Appraisal Process

June 25, 2020

Brad Savage created The Multifamily Advisory, an appraisal company with a focus on using technology to deliver a better, more efficient solution for multifamily appraisals. His efforts served as a basis and proof of concept for two much larger firms that he would ultimately sell to and continue working with to build a new appraisal company called Apprise.

Learn how Brad valued his business and thought through applying a Gross Revenue Multiplier to a relatively new business with significant future growth potential.

“Throw your heart and soul into building the best product you can and delivering the best service possible to your clients and the cash flow will inevitably follow”.

Apprise is removing the friction from the appraisal process by integrating proprietary data with a goal to double the efficiency of an appraiser with considerably better data and trends.  Enjoy!



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